While the war on drugs ravaged communities of color, a booming legal cannabis industry was built on the backs of the incarcerated.

Main issues with the current cannabis industry's buildout:

  1.  In Illinois, 75 dispensary licenses have been issued - not one of these licenses have been given to a person of color.
  2. Persons of color have been locked up for the sale and use of cannabis for the past 40 years - many are still incarcerated after legalization.
  3. Those who have been incarcerated are NOT ALLOWED to work in cannabis dispensaries
  4. The War on Drugs destroyed communities fo color - now those same people are locked out of the Cannabis Industry.

SYLWM is asking for a State & Federal investigation into the illegal nature of the license policies of the Illinois Cannabis Industry.




SYLWM aims to bring awareness to the Cannabis Industry's current inequity.  By shedding light on the issues and providing quality alternatives to the current corporate Cannabis Industry, we are empowering individuals in order to bring wealth back to our communities, and forming a new paradigm within the Cannabis Industry.

As the social acceptance and legalization of weed continues to drastically shift, we would like our apparel to serve as a message of gratitude to the men and women who have long been providing for the people. Decades before big businesses and politicians declared weed beneficial, our weed men have been answering the call to serve, risking it all! We thank you for your efforts, appreciate you for your reliability and in this ever changing climate, you will not be forgotten! Salute