Meet Samuel Wilson, the visionary Founder of Support Your Local Weed Man. Fueled by the stark realization of the legal cannabis industry's exclusion of black owners, Samuel embarked on a mission to challenge this status quo. Witnessing the enduring impact of the cannabis prohibition on black communities, ignited his determination to create change. In response to the blatant perpetuation of exclusion post-legalization, Samuel established "Support Your Local Weed Man," a platform dedicated to empowering black entrepreneurs in the cannabis space.


Meet Tyrone Muhammad, the dedicated Executive Director of ECCSC (Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change). With a lifelong commitment to social justice and youth mentorship, Tyrone tirelessly advocates for equity in the cannabis industry. His passion fuels his mission to ensure that communities disproportionately affected by the cannabis prohibition reap the benefits of legalization. Tyrone's unwavering dedication drives positive change and empowerment within marginalized communities.

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The Movement!!!

SYLWM aims to bring awareness to the Cannabis Industry's current inequity.  By shedding light on the issues and providing quality alternatives to the current corporate Cannabis Industry. We are empowering individuals in order to bring wealth back to communities negatively impacted by the cannabis prohibition, and forming a new paradigm within the Cannabis Industry.

As the social acceptance and legalization of weed continues to drastically shift, we would like our apparel to serve as a message of gratitude to the men and women who have long been providing for the people. Decades before big businesses and politicians declared weed beneficial, our weed men have been answering the call to serve, risking it all! We thank you for your efforts, appreciate you for your reliability and in this ever changing climate, you will not be forgotten! Salute

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